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Whakapapa Maori

(Maori Genealogy)

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Maori culture, history, myth and legend
encapsulated in whakapapa / genealogy

Please note that I do not provide a whakapapa research service.

What is whakapapa

An explanation of whakapapa, its forms and uses.

Discover your whakapapa

Tuhono is a service linking the people to their tribes.


For those who are searching, some sources of whakapapa

Web sources

A word about whakapapa on the World Wide Web.

A question often asked

Are there any full-blooded Maori left?


The teachings of a tohunga, Nepia Pohuhu. This Maori language manuscript contains a great deal of whakapapa relating to the Takitimu and Kurahaupo waka. It is gradually being transcribed into the website.

Some whakapapa examples

Whakapapa including myth, legend, history and genealogy. Mainly from the Kurahaupo and Takitimu waka (canoes).


Some links to genealogical sites.



© 2001 - R.N.Himona