Question: Are there any pure-blooded Maori left?

Answer: Given that I don't smoke or drink alcohol, and given that I'm a vegetarian, and making allowances for my advancing age of course, I'd say that my blood is as pure as any Maori, or any other race.


Question: Are there any full-blooded Maori left?

Answer: All Maori are full blooded. In common with all of humanity, Maori are full of blood (and other bodily fluids). The concept of a human person with less than the usual volume of blood is quite ridiculous, unless dead of course.

The question itself involves the perpetuation of a racist myth. And I am personally sick and tired of this question, and of people insinuating that we are somehow less Maori because of an infusion of other genetic inheritances.

However, I acknowledge that the question is often asked in innocence.

"Maori-ness" is a cultural and familial state of being, regardless of the total genetic inheritance of a particlular person, and regardless of the degree of brownness of the skin. For instance many tribal peoples in Aotearoa / New Zealand today are quite fair-skinned after long contact with the Pakeha (non-Maori). But they may be nevertheless fiercely staunch members of a "Maori" family / tribe.

Furthermore, we who are called "Maori" only consider ourselves "Maori" in relation to those who have no "Maori" descent. "Maori" actually means "normal".

We do of course refer to ourselves as "Maori" when operating within or alongside other cultures in order to make it understood who we are. Amongst ourselves we describe ourselves according to our dominant genealogical line, i.e tribe or hapu or family.

The tribe or hapu is of course kin based (i.e descent-based as opposed to blood-based), so we actually describe ourselves according to our dominant extended family. I am for instance, among others, Ngati Ira, Ngati Rangitane, Ngai Te Whatuiapiti and Ngati Kahungunu. I personally operate across a number of my familial groups, given the fact that I actively maintain those wider links. However most of my extended family operate within only one of their familial groups (tribe or hapu).

What I'm saying, I suppose, is that being "Maori" is being a member of a family of "Maori" descent that operates within "Maori" cultural values, norms and beliefs, regardless of the degree of genetic infusion from outside that "Maori" line of descent.

"Blood" or "bloodedness" is a totally spurious notion used only by white people, very often to denigrate those who choose to live within non-white cultural frameworks. In Aotearoa / New Zealand at least, it is a tired old racist notion that refuses to lie down and die.

To answer the question; yes, all "Maori" are full blooded, although my fourth-cousin definitely seemed to have more alcohol than blood in his veins for a time last night. Hopefully he has returned to full-bloodedness today.

Do you also have your full volume of blood?