Maori Development and
Community Development Links



Foundation Documents for Maori Development

Declaration of Independence

Treaty of Waitangi

Legislative Violations of the Treaty of Waitangi: The first 150 years


Papers and Speeches

The Process of Settling Indigenous Claims: The Tribunal and the Treaty

A speech by the Chairman of the Waitangi Tribunal, Chief Judge Edward Taihakurei Durie

Speech at launch of CommunityNet Aotearoa

Speech to Department of Internal Affairs Community Development Group

A discussion paper on Tino Rangatiratanga

The Evolution of Contemporary Maori Protest

... an article by Te Ahu. A very good background to the field of Maori Development.

Community Building Coming of Age

... a paper by G. Thomas Kingsley, Joseph B. McNeely and James O. Gibson.

Community Building

... papers at the Urban Institute site.

"Bowling Alone" by Robert Putnam

"The Virtual Community" by Howard Rheingold


Community Development Sites

CommunityNet Aotearoa - a resource for communities and their organisations

... a community development project I have been working on as part of the CommunityNet Aotearoa Steering Group. An excellent site with heaps of information for communities and their organisations in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Te Pua Wananga ki te Ao / School of Maori and Pacific Development

... at the University of Waikato

New Zealand Educational Sites

Education Based Community Development

Survival International

... an organisation dedicated to the survival of tribal peoples.

Community Development Society (CDS) International

... an international organisation I belong to. The professional association for community builders and developers.

CDS Resources

... with links to many community related sites

Civic Practices Network (CPN)

CPN Models & Concepts of Democratic and Civic Practice

CPN Social Capital Page

Institute for the Study of Civic Values

Community Opportunity Program (Philadelphia)

Electronic Policy Network

Community in the Workplace: A Virtual Community of Community Builders

The Philanthropy Journal Online

The Foundation Center (Fundraising in the USA)

United Kingdom Fundraising

The Commonwealth Foundation