Descendants of James Nicholls and Elizabeth Rowe

They had 12 or 13 children, born in the following years:
Male1869, Female1870, M1871, M1872, M1874, M1877, M1879, F1880, M1881, M1883, M1886, F1888, F1891.

I do not have details of names to dates, so the following list is not in birth order.

Most of the following information was provided verbally by Mrs L.E.M.Johnstone and Mrs G.A.Himona during sessions in October 1982 and October 1983.

Children Grandchildren Comments / Residence
James b.1869, England
married Annie
No issue East Clive
Wife died at very young age.
James later committed suicide.
Clara (Clare) b.1870, England
1st husband - Waugh
2nd husband - Johnson
No issue by Waugh  
  Alec Johnson Waipawa
  Doug Johnson Flaxmere
  Arthur Johnson Wairoa
  Hazel Batt Napier
  Ada Hastings
  Anne 1st marriage Harris
Anne 2nd marriage ?
Harris was a baker at
  Maud Prue Haumoana
Frederick, b.1871, England   Presumed died as a child.
William, married Liza   Died approx 1931 - 33
  Daughter Nurse at Palmerston North. Died approx 1979 / 80
  Bille (William) Nicholls Land agent at Napier
Harry (Henry)   Puketitiri
  Jackie Nicholls  
  Margie Sole Napier
  Freddie Nicholls KIA World War II
  Malcolm Nicholls Napier
  Colin Nicholls Napier
  Neil Nicholls Auckland
  Maurice Nicholls Napier
b.1931 during the big Hawke's Bay earthquake
Frederick, b.1877
married Gertrude Nicholls
  Puketitiri & E.Clive
  Lucy Elizabeth Mary
md Hugh Robert Johnstone
Whakatu, East Clive & Napier
  Gertrude Annie
md George T Himona
Waipari, Te Aute & Hastings
  Winifred md Emmett Flint Napier
  Elsie May
md Eric Hollyman
  James Henry Nicholls
md Josephine
md Lennie Jackson
Awatoto, Napier
Bob (Robert) Never married / no issue East Clive
Maggie, married Smith   Lived at Clive
  Dossie, md Watkins Clive
  Herb Smith Clive
Bert (Albert), married Lizzie   East Clive
  Peggie, md Galbraith Manawatu
  Gladys, md Ashwood Taradale
  Cliffie Nicholls Clive
  Arthur Nicholls Waipukurau, Rotorua
  Joyce, md Bristowe Frimley, Hastings
  Buster Nicholls Drowned, aged 16, at the mouth of the river at East Clive.
Sam, married Eileen   East Clive
  Kitty, md McKay Havelock North
  Pat, md ? Paraparaumu
  Rita, md ? Petone
  Doris, md Brown Twin of Hector
  Hector Nicholls Twin of Doris
Meanee, Hawke's Bay
  Stella, md Cullum Napier
John Never married / no issue Lived at East Clive
Elizabeth, married Schroeder   Lived at East Clive
  Ted Schroeder East Clive
  Fred Schroeder  
  Walter Schroeder  
  Alma, md ? Awatoto
  Bettred, md ? Gisborne
  + more ? sons  
Annie James, b.1891 No issue Presumed named after deceased wife of brother James.
Died 24th July 1907, aged 16
Lived at East Clive

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