The Maori People

of Aotearoa New Zealand




A brief outline of Maori history both before and after the coming of the European to Aotearoa/New Zealand, and some notes on Maori culture


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The Creation


A brief account of the Maori Creation myth. Myth or Science?




The Acquisition of Knowledge


How Tane -te-Wananga acquired the knowledge from Io




The Essence of Being Maori


A personal view of the spiritual essence of being Maori




Journey of the Maori


The journey from Hawaiki, spiritual homeland of the many peoples who later became known as Maori. And the journey from other homelands on the way to Aotearoa/New Zealand.




Whakapapa Maori


Maori genealogy, history, myth and legend.




Maori Development


Developmental issues for Maori people today, and some Maori development and community development projects.






Publications, newsletters, papers and articles




Maori Research


Some Sources & Resources




Tribal & Regional Histories


A selection of books on tribal and regional history.




More Essays


Te Putatara