CDS Vision, and
Principles of Good Practice




The CDS Vision

Members of CDS believe community is a basic building block of society, and that:

•community is complex and multi-dimensional

•the human dimension, which is capable of growth and development, is the most critical aspect of community

•development of each community can be fostered through improvement of individual, organizational, and problem-solving knowledge and skills

•adherence to the CDS' Principles of Good Practice is essential to sound community development

•the Society must be proactive, providing leadership to professionals and citizens across the spectrum of community development.

a global community, those helping to develop and sustain communities must understand a variety of complex and ever-changing systems. The profession of community development integrates knowledge from many disciplines with community development theory, research, teaching and practice; these important and interdependent functions are vital in both the private and public sectors.

The Community Development Society International provides leadership to professionals and citizens across the spectrum of community development



•Promote active and representative citizen participation so that community members can meaningfully influence decisions that affect their lives.

•Engage community members in problem diagnosis so that those affected may adequately understand the causes of their situations.

•Help community leaders understand the economic, social, political, environmental, and psychological impact associated with alternative solutions to the problem.

•Assist community members in designing and implementing a plan to solve agreed-upon problems by emphasizing shared leadership and active citizen participation in that process.

•Disengage from any effort that is likely to adversely affect the disadvantaged segments of a community.

•Actively work to increase leadership capacity (skills, confidence, and aspirations) in the community.