Population Statistics
around the Pacific, and Asia
(Note: not all countries are listed & the regional totals are approximate, and for comparitive purposes only. Source CIA Factbook)

This is an interesting exercise to put into perspective the relative importance of New Zealand and Australia in the Asian and Pacific region in which we live; and in which we build personal, cultural, political, trade, defence and diplomatic relationships. Or fail to build them.

It shows graphically how New Zealand and Australia can play the part of big brother bully in the South Pacific part of our region (excluding French controlled islands), but not so in the SE Asian part.

Note that Indonesia comprises more than 50% of the total population of the whole region.

Country   Population   Region
New Zealand   3.81m    
Australia   18.00m    
Indonesia   216.00m    
Malaysia   21.38m    
Philippines   79.35m    
Singapore   3.53m    
Brunei   0.32m    
East Timor (est)   0.30m    
Thailand   60.61m    
Papua New Guinea   4.71m    
American Soamoa (USA)   0.06m    
Cook Islands   0.02m    
Fiji   0.81m    
French Polynesia (French)   0.24m    
Nauru   0.01m    
New Caledonia (French)   0.19m    
Niue   0.002m    
Norfolk Island (Australian)   0.002m    
Pitcairn (UK)   (49)    
Samoa   0.46m    
Solomon Islands   0.46m    
Tokelau   0.01m    
Tonga   0.11m    
Tuvalu   0.01m    
Vanuatu   0.01m    
Wallis & Futuna (French)   0.02m    
SE Asia / South Pacific       400m
Guam   0.15m    
Kiribati   0.08m    
Marshall Islands   0.06m    
Micronesia, Federated States   0.13m    
Northern Marianas   0.07m    
Palau   0.02m    
North Pacific       0.52m
Cambodia   11.63m    
Laos   5.41m    
Cambodia / Laos       17m
Taiwan   22.11m    
South Korea   46.88m    
North Korea   21.39m    
China   1,246.81m    
Japan   126.18m    
Vietnam   77.31m    
Mongolia   2.62m    
Pacific Asia       1550m
Canada   31.00m    
USA   272.64m    
North America       304m
Bolivia   7.98m    
Venezuala   23.20m    
Uruguay   3.30m    
El Salavadore   5.84m    
Ecuador   12.56m    
Dominican Rep   8.13m    
Columbia   39.30m    
Chile   14.97m    
Brazil   171.85m    
Peru   26.62m    
Cuba   11.10m    
Argentina   36.74m    
Mexico   100.25m    
Paraguay   5.43m    
Central & South America       500m
Afghanistan   25.82m    
Pakistan   138.12m    
India   1000.85m    
Bangladesh   127.18m    
Burma   48.00m    
Sri Lanka   19.14m    
Central & South Asia       1360m