Arthur Kemsley & Edith Scripps
and the USA descendants


Arthur Kemsley, son of Arthur and Alice Kemsley, and grand-son of John & Charlotte Kemsley, took this Kemsley line to the United States around about 1910.

"His uncle Arthur (born in 1855) and his wife Alice Huthwaite had a son Arthur, born in the cathedral city of Lincoln in 1885, who emigrated to the United States, where he married Edith Scripps [daughter of Anna Adelaide Mattice and George Scripps] from Detroit and died in 1948. In 1915 they had a son Arthur who married Ruth Pardue [sic, actually Pardee] and had sons Arthur - fourth in his line of that name - and Scott. Arthur and Edith had a second son George in 1921; he married Grace Gardiner and has a family of three sons - George, Mark and David - and two daughters."

- Sir Colin Thornton-Kemsley, 1980, "Kentish Kemsleys and Their Descendants", private publication, pp 18/19.

For a full genealogy of Edith Scripps' descent from William Scripps (1724 - c1775) got to [Edith Clarke Scripps] and [William Scripps of London].

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Issue of Arthur Kemsley & Edith Clarke Scripps of Michigan, USA

Children Grandchildren Great-grandchildren
Arthur (born 1915)
married Ruth Pardee
  Arthur Pardee Kemsley  
    Issue not known
  Scott Kemsley,
born 29th July 1952
md (1) Gwen Koster
    Kelli Kae Kemsley
    Daniel J. Kemsley
  Scott Kemsley,
md (2) Unknown
Issue not known
George Scripps Kemsley
(born 1921)
married Grace Gardiner
  George Gardiner Kemsley
married Sandra
    Stephen Kemsley (18)
    David Kemsley (16)
married Bob Wyskowski
    Lindsay (13)
    Josh (11)
  Mark Kemsley
born 30th July 1952
married Debbie
    Bret (15)
    Ryan (15)
  David Kemsley
married Anita
    Michael (13)
    Katie (9)
married Jon Laskowski
    Emily (13)
    Jacqui (10)