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from Hawaiki to Hawaiki
the Maori people of Aotearoa / New Zealand




the magic of being Maori
the indigenous Maori people - their culture, history, mythology, legend and whakapapa (genealogy)






powhiri - Maori welcome

raranga - woven flax theme

Te Karere Ipurangi
Maori news online

Maori farewell


Reflections on Running - a poem and personal view of the essence and magic of being Maori.

The Maori People - aspects of history, culture, mythology and legend. The journey from Hawaiki to Hawaiki.

Whakapapa Maori - an introduction to Maori genealogy and some examples of tribal whakapapa from the tribes of the Kurahaupo and Takitimu waka (canoes).

Maori Development - issues and projects. What is community development and what is Maori development. Thoughts on strategies.

Wananga - the teachings of Nepia Pohuhu, a tohunga (scholar / priest). Maori language only.

Research Sources - start your research here. For the serious researcher (but don't forget the library) 

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